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Fatigue, anxiety, excess body weight, skin problems, hypotension, hypertension as well as other health issues are usually the result of an inappropriate diet, poor lifestyle habits, or a disease. Fortunately, many health issues can be corrected or managed appropriately through small dietary changes, lifestyle alterations, and medication. Currently, being overweight is one of the common conditions different people of all ages are struggling with. There is nothing wrong with having a bigger body, but if eating habits and excessive weight affect one’s health, it’s essential to reduce their weight.

At VIP Medical Centre, our weight management consultants can help individuals with their body weight and BMI-related problems. The journey to a weight management consultant often starts with weight issues. But, our weight management consultants can help individuals control and maintain their weight and BMI through appropriate means, so their overall health doesn’t suffer. We will even guide and support clients long after reaching their goals.

Many people struggle to control their weight. People who want to lose weight and decrease their BMI have to undergo a rigorous process to ensure they live healthier. It’s pretty easy to figure out the estimated healthy weight. One way is through measuring one’s body mass index (BMI). It has been long believed that people with a higher BMI (more than thirty) are unhealthy and need to lose weight. However, current research shows that not everyone with a higher BMI is unhealthy.

Figuring out if one is in a healthy range based on their body type is very important. A larger body size and obesity are not the same thing. Obesity is the medical term used to define the accumulation of excess boy fat that can have a negative impact on one’s metabolic (blood sugars, blood pressure), physical (joints, sleep apnea), and mental(depression, self-esteem) aspects of health. Obesity is a chronic and often progressive condition, similar to diabetes, that needs to be managed long-term. Otherwise, it can go out of control.

If an individual’s weight is not contributing to health issues, they may not need to lose weight. For them, it may be about stopping weight gain from happening as the years go on and negatively impacting their health long-term. The first step is to determine what factors are contributing to their weight gain and how this is impacting their health. To lose weight and lower BMI, one needs a program that they can stick with on a long-term basis. When planning for weight loss, it is essential to have a realistic goal. Overdoing a diet and exercise can also have an ill effect on health, which is counterproductive and not the end goal.

Making realistic changes in one’s diet and exercise and sticking to it can be tough. Therefore, it’s best not to go into a weight loss journey alone. At VIP Medical Centre, we provide specially customized programs for individuals based on their habits and situation. Our team of qualified professionals is trained and equipped to create customized weight loss and nutrition programs to help individuals achieve their goals. Whether they’re looking to shed some pounds or improve their fitness, we can help them achieve their goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking to lose or maintain weight, reach out to VIP Medical Centre today! We provide you with a family doctor with walk-in clinics in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Georgetown to help you with your weight and related health conditions. You can get in touch with us by calling +1(905) 303-2229 (Vaughan), +1(905) 605-8383 (Woodbridge), and +1(905) 877-9998 (Georgetown).

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